Oenobiol Binder 3 in 1 Weight Control- Triple-action binder Properties: Binds fats- carbohydr
Oenobiol Binder 3 in 1 Weight Control

Oenobiol Binder 3 in 1 Weight Control

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Triple-action binder


Binds fats, carbohydrate and reduces calorie absorption 2,3
Scientifically tested, 50% of calories absorbed on average2
Helps increase the sensation of fullness3,4, to enhance the slimming effect

Active Ingredient:

100% natural fibre complex: carrot, oat and apple fibres


2 capsules twice a day with a glass of water, immediately before lunch and dinner. Treatment duration 15 days (1 box); can be repeated once for a total maximum of 30 days. After a 5-day break, the treatment can be repeated as above cycle.


60 capsules per pack


This product contains gluten. Not recommended for people with a gluten allergy or intolerance, or with allergy or intolerance of one the compounds present in the formula.
Do not open or chew or bite the hard capsule before swallowing it.
Consumption of excess fibre can sometimes cause intestinal side effects.
Do not give to children under 16 years, pregnant or nursing women and do not use if your body Mass Index (BMI) is under 18.5.


Keep away from humidity, heat, light and in its original packaging.


2) In-vitro efficiency assessment for a complex of fibers patented on 4 fatty products. (study no.F02843/o1LA, February 2011)

3) Evaluation of the action of the fibre complex on lipids and sugars contained in a complete meal during the in vitro simulation of the duodenal digestion. Study noE85068-03/06CL, 03/2015

4) Open-label clinical study conducted on 25 overweight people from 28 to 62 years old for 30 consecutive days without any recommended diet. Protocol no010816, 06/2012

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