Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Anti Hair Loss Tonic- This advanced hair treatment contains patented Aminexil Co
MATRIX Biolage ScalpSync Pro-Aminexil Anti-Hair Loss Tonic

MATRIX Biolage ScalpSync Pro-Aminexil Anti-Hair Loss Tonic

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  • MATRIX Biolage ScalpSync Pro-Aminexil Anti-Hair Loss Tonic 10x6ml

    MATRIX Biolage ScalpSync Pro-Aminexil Anti-Hair Loss Tonic is a special cosmetic product that protects your hair against thinning and balding. The hair tonic contains aminexil, which effectively acts on the hair root capsule and keeps it elastic. It provides sufficient anchoring of the hair root, allowing it to draw the necessary energy, and generally reduces thinning and overall hair loss. Give your hair vitality and strength to be strong and healthy!

    The serum is divided into ten capsules that will quickly and effectively add vitality to your hair. The effectiveness of aminexil contained in the product has been consumer tested, and it has been shown that this substance slows down hair loss, strengthens their structure and enables them to draw the necessary nutrition. Do not rinse the hair tonic. The capsule containing the serum is provided with an applicator that will make it easier to apply. Give your hair a cure that is visibly enhanced, reduces loss and promotes a healthy appearance and natural beauty.

    Active substance:

    • Aminexil - acts on the collagen capsule surrounding the hair root, prevents it from solidifying and maintains its natural elasticity, anchors the hair roots sufficiently to provide sufficient energy intake and regulates hair loss

    Hair Type:
    For weak hair with a tendency to fall.

    Apply to dry hair or dry towel. Apply the applicator and gently massage the volume of one full vial to the hair roots. Work gradually and gently massage the scalp when applying the product. Do not rinse! Finish the hair as usual. For maximum effect, use one vial every day for 6-8 weeks or at least three times a week. For a long-term effect of the cure, repeat twice a year.


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