Bonanza Zymo-excitative Membraneous KFM Jelly Mask- BONANZA Zymo-excitative Membraneous- a watery- clear and nat
Bonanza Zymo-excitative Membraneous KFM Jelly Mask

Bonanza Zymo-excitative Membraneous KFM Jelly Mask

Brand:Bonanza 寶藝
Product Code:BONZEM550
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Weight: 550g
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BONANZA Zymo-excitative Membraneous, a watery, clear and natural mask, deeply clears away dirt inside pores. It can be used every day. It allows you to finish main skincare regimen including cleansing, brightening and recovery of skin elasticity in just one step.

Natural enzyme effectively nurses dull complexion. Chamomile ET easily relieves skin irritation as well as sunburned skin with redness, and deeply cleanses skin, leaving skin more delicate, fairer and clearer.

How to use: After cleansing, toning and applying essence, evenly apply a thick layer (approximately 5mm thick) to the face. Leave on for about 35 minutes before rinsing off.

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