TIMELESS ORGANICS EYE SERUM- *100% Natural & 87% Certified Organic Ingredients&n
Timeless Organics Timeless Eye Serum

Timeless Organics Timeless Eye Serum

Brand:Timeless Organics Skin Care
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Weight: 29ml
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*100% Natural & 87% Certified Organic Ingredients 

When creating Timeless Eye Serum, Timeless Organics wanted to cover all bases: puffiness, inflammation, swelling, dark circles/bags, aging, crows feet, and wrinkles. With a wide array of hand picked, natural and organic ingredients this is an eye serum you are sure to love!

FeaturingThymoquinone (TQ)* - Supports a healthy immune system and inflammatory response with anti-cancer activities. *(Naturally Occurring in Black Cumin Seed Oil)

Size - 1oz / 29mL

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