DermaTX 鈭桃賢凝嗅餉鞈芷- DermaTx Brighten Microdermabrasion System was awarded 
DermaTX 鈭桃賢凝嗅餉鞈芷

DermaTX 鈭桃賢凝嗅餉鞈芷

瑕桀對萼 HK$450.00
VIP憿憭: -10%
摰寥: 75ml
鞈潸眺賊儭     - -   撠瘥

DermaTX 鈭桃賢凝嗅餉鞈芷∠券怎蝝敺格嗥亥雿輻函頞敺桃敦瘞批園(Corundum Crystal)嚗抵敺隞湔啜駁方閫鞈芸撣豢憿荔鞈芸單霈敺皛W抒瘣餅扳賣輔嚗賡渡株蝝鞈芣蝢賢餃啜餉脣孵蝝啁蝑憿WSabiwhiteW撥蝢賣嚗隞方脣典啗矽鈭柴


DermaTx AwardDermaTx Brighten Microdermabrasion System was awarded  **Silver Winner for Best New Premium Skin Care Product 泳t the Pure Beauty Awards 2015**
DermaTX 鈭桃賢凝嗅餉鞈芷曄涯URE BEAUTY AWARDS Silver Winner


Vitamin A exfoliates the skin, increases cell turnover and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation 

Effective on pigmented areas to help improve overall skin tone and texture 

Dramatically brightens the complexion giving the skin a radiant glow 

Exfoliating effects remove visible signs of photoageing 

Intensely hydrates the skin leaving it supple and smooth 

Enhances absorption of skincare products 

At-home alternative to professional microdermabrasion treatments 



Dermatologically tested 

Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant.Do not use on Rosacea, active Acne, Open Sores, irritated skin or other dermatology skin conditions. Do not use following chemical peeling or retinol. 

Which System to choose?
DermaTx which system

How to use:


Directions: Apply a small amount of cream to clean moistened face (forehead, cheeks, chin and nose) lightly massage into skin using circular motions with either your fingers or with a DermaTool for approximately 2 minutes. Rinse off the remaining crystals residue with warm water. Dry face and apply moisturiser then sunscreen. Use 2 or 3 times a week. 


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